Our Approach

Strive Health Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive therapy services for children from newborns to 21 years of age. Our range of therapies includes Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies, tailored to address a diverse array of needs. While our therapy services are currently available exclusively at our Georgetown office serving the greater Austin area, we look forward to expanding our program in the near future.  Contact us to inquire about therapy services available in your area. At Strive Health Services, we believe in delivering personalized therapy interventions to children with various disorders. Our one-to-one therapy sessions are conducted either in the comfort of your home or at a designated and approved location, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our clients.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Our Physical Therapists specialize in addressing concerns related to bone and muscle issues, sports-related injuries, as well as disorders affecting the genetic, brain, spine, and nerves. Treatment focuses on promoting:

• Balance, Coordination, and Motor Planning
• Posture and Gait
• Joint Mobility and Range of Motion
• Strength and Muscle Tone
• Equipment Needs

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our Occupational Therapists work with children to enhance their ability to play, perform self-care tasks, and engage in academic and community-based activities. Through a variety of interventions, we focus on promoting:

• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Motor Planning
• Ocular Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills
• Sensory and Neurological Processing
• Strength and Endurance
• Fine Motor Skills
• Functional Skills Training

Speech Therapy (ST)

Our Speech Therapists specialize in assisting children who struggle with various aspects of communication, cognitive skills, and swallowing difficulties. Treatment targets include:

• Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
• Articulation and Speech Production
• Language Reception
• Oral Motor Skills
• Feeding and Swallowing
• Social Skills
• Cognitive Skills
• Utilization of Augmentative Communication Devices

Erika Mountz, Vice President of Therapy Services

At Strive, we are deeply committed to delivering high-quality therapy services that cater to the unique needs of each child.  Since 2017, Strive has been an active part of the community by providing and improving healthcare services to meet the needs of our patients, we believe that incorporating therapy services into our healthcare offerings is essential to continue this mission.  To accomplish this, we welcome Erika Mountz to our team as the Vice President of Therapy Services.

Erika Mountz brings over two decades of experience as a licensed occupational therapist to her role as Vice President of Therapy Services at Strive Health Services. Since obtaining her licensure in 1995, Erika has dedicated her career to serving pediatric populations across a diverse range of settings, including home care, schools, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and acute care hospitals.  

Her passion for pediatric therapy extends beyond traditional settings, as she has also honed her expertise in working with children and adults with acquired brain injuries. Throughout her career, Erika has held various leadership positions, allowing her to spearhead the development and expansion of programs aimed at improving access to essential services for individuals in need.

Erika’s leadership style is characterized by her unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in all aspects of therapy provision. She firmly believes in the importance of hiring and collaborating with professionals who share her dedication to providing top-tier care.

Erika brings a wealth of experience and leadership to Strive Health Services, and is eager to lead the success of the organization’s new pediatric therapy line of service in home care. With her vision and expertise, Erika is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of children and families in need of specialized therapy services.

Counties we serve:

Counties we serve for Pediatric Therapy: Bastrop, Bell, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, Lee, Milam, Travis, Williamson. Due to ongoing expansion, please call to speak to a team member to verify a county not listed.